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Seems like WebGL is about to land. Chrome 9 beta, Firefox 4 beta 8 and Safari Nighly Build have it enabled by default already. It's just a matter of weeks for the final versions to be released.

I think we're going to face a funny situation... For web developers OpenGL may be a bit intimidating — at least it was for me! For game developers it's piece of cake, but because some features have been disabled some of them feel like a step back in their careers. So it's an area where there won't be so many people for a while.

You may know that, for the last few months, I've been busy developing a library that aims to make this as painless and fun as possible. Hopefully there will be more libraries like this in the near future.

If you're a web developer I would suggest you to start tinkering with all this. I have the feeling things are going to move quite fast as soon as it lands. Won't be long until Mobile Safari — iOS and Android browser — also enables this.

Exciting times! :)

"Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you probably know [...]"

Now, that's quite a statement. ;)
*Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months... and you read my blog, ... ;)
When it comes to this stuff, I both live under a rock and read your blog. Would you recommend some good reading material for getting up to speed on WebGL and graphics scripting in general?
It depends how hardcore you want to go. If you want to mess a bit with 3D you may start with three.js. In the other hand, if you want to do raw WebGL, these links should be a good start:

Hey, I got to say I really appreciate what you're doing. I recently started learning JS and web-app programming because I started getting excited about the future of webGL in the browser. I hope you don't mind, but i copied your voxel editor and added some new features to it w/ google app engine. A really simple DB save button and a way to retrieve the most recent 20 voxel hashes.

As I was playing with the three.js lib I realized that it is a great way to learn object oriented programming because the js objects actually relate to 3D space objects and you can see the parallels easily. That voxel editor is a great starting platform for learning JS.

my altered app is here: voxelrain.appspot.com
I think your library is amazing, your demos run so well in chrome, and thats without the WebGL enabled? is it going to get faster when the next release comes out of Best?
I’m a graduating student in product-service systems design and for my thesis I’m working on a collaborative platform for managing project content (it’s way simpler than it sounds).On your page I saw a few examples that would be really helpful for the interface but that I don’t really know how to implement to build a prototype. If you care to help me out or you’re interested in a collaboration, let me know. You can find my contacts on my homepage or simply write me @ komat55@yahoo.com.
Thanks and sorry for abusing your comments! :)
Mr Doob thanks for your great work .Am I right that your lib doesn't contain Quaternion? At least i did not find.I would like to implement Virtual Trackball. Are you going to add one ? Or may be I should write my own...
Mr Doob I wrote Quaternion class.Put it in src folder as well as incorporated it into Tree.js .But I receive TREE is not defined in the console for the line where I declare Quaternion object.How do I integrate this class into the library. ? Thanks a lot.
Your projects are the way i wish the future will be, man, i love your work. I would love to give you something cool to work on but your skills are just priceless and i have to face it.

Rock on.
This is a great project you are working on, I really like the experiments you have done and I can't wait to have some time to finally learn some programming and give Threejs some use. In the mean time I appropriated one of your demos (the moving random particles) and modified it a bit for my website. I hope you don't mind, I credited you at the bottom.

Also, it seems to work fine on IE 9, isn't that neat? at least the simple one I tried.
Great suff! How about some more demos with clickable/interactive objects as a proof-of-concept for new cool navigation in 3D?

Keep up the good work!
Hi, i've spent some time with your library. I think it's simply the best webgl library around. I'm working on some game, so want to thank you for simplyfing things much.