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Harmony ports
Seems like Harmony has had a fairly amount of success since it was released. Nowadays, you just need to search on Facebook for fan pages created by others about any or your works to know if it was successful or not. In this case I found 2! :)

So I can't be happier about it. With the release I also decided to share the source code hoping that people would play with it, create more brushes and in the end improve the application.

Instead, people started porting (or encapsulating) the code on mobile platforms (iPhoneOS / Android) which I also found great. Here it's a list of all the ports I'm aware of:


AbtMagicSand Classic by Ultie, Inc. (iPhone OS)
ASKetch Pad by AKERN Software (iPhone OS)
Harmonious. by The Angry Robot Zombie Factory (iPhone OS)
LiveSketch by Yan Rabovik (iPhone OS)
LiveSketch HD by Yan Rabovik (iPhone OS)
OmniSketch by Richard Taylor (iPhone OS)
Touch Sketch by Luksor (iPhone OS)
Really Big Pictures HD by Zeno Machine (iPhone OS)
Qvik Sketch Pro by Qvik (iPhone OS)


Draw(er) by Dansl (Android)
MiniTones by Banana Coding (iPhone OS)
Qvik Sketch by Qvik (iPhone OS)
Sketcher by wargoth (Android)

If I have forgotten any app, feel free to share it on the comments.

EDIT: I've modified the post to focus on the part of listing all the adaptations and removed the part about people behaviour using the open source code. Joa made a very good point in the comments: "Why should an app not be open source if it is completely based on other open source ideas?". I'll take that in consideration from now on.

Haaaa, the appstore, clearly the worst thing that have happened to programming in a long time.
A lot of people searching for easy and quick money.

It can disgust you to opensource your projects sometimes ...

That blows. I just donated £10 and I don't even use Harmony! But you keep inspiring me to become a better (flash) programmer / creative coder. Thank you.

Draw(er) for android :)
Draw(er) is a semi-port of Harmony... :P
It feels a bit dishonest to me to open source some code, free of charge, and then publicly complain and judge people because they didn't pay for it...
I do agree with most of your post's intentions, but I'm not sure you should be so hard...
@Dansl: Of course! Sorry for forgetting! I actually have that one installed on my N1 :)

@Driller: Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. They are free to do whatever they want. I'm just making public the situation as I get more and more people asking about it.
@mrdoob no prob. thanks for the props, it sucks that no one has at least donated.
Bit bizarre to see people repackaging OS code for commercial apps without adding something substantially valuable.

Then again it's a tricky situation cause - to be fair - your app owes a lot to the original Flash version by Ze Frank.
I wonder what he thinks about this, are you in touch with him?
Yeah, we were in touch in the beginning. But he said my work had to be in his website only (because it used the scribbler technique) and also he didn't want the people to be able to modify my code. I didn't like these conditions so I continued on my own.

However, although it's using the same technique, I did code everything from scratch (I didn't even decompiled his code). These people are using Harmony's exact code. Even the color picker.

Sometimes I wish I had never created this. What a nightmare.
"Sometimes I wish I had never created this. What a nightmare."

Oh come on, man. People are using and enjoying your work. And you specifically allow anyone to "use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell" your work in your license. Next time you create something awesome and want to keep a-holes from making money off your work without credit or contributing something back, just use a more restrictive license. At least then you'll have some legal/ethical ground to stand on.
I was referring more to the beginnings part and the fact that people keep asking these questions but, you may be right, I think I'll try the John Carmack way.
This is why I open source my code under "copyleft" GPL license rather than MIT or BSD. MIT frees you from responsibility, but GPL makes sure that your kindness is continued and not ignored.

There's nothing stopping you from changing the license to GPL now. So if anyone uses your code in the future, they must open source it too.
As the maker of one of those paid apps (Harmonious.), I figured I'd jump in add my points into the mix. I'm only speaking for myself here, mind, I don't claim to represent any of the other app makers.

I have fully intended to donate to mr.doob since I launched my app. I still do but so far, I haven't received any money from Apple at all. People give money to Apple, at some point, Apple will give money to me, I will give money to mr.doob.

As I said, I don't know about the other app developers but, even though the licence is clear on attribution, I also asked mr.doob specifically if it was okay to make a paid app. My version allows you to upload your drawings so I'm charging to cover my server costs. On my site, anyone can access the entire iPhone-optimised app for free minus the ability to upload. It's been like that since day one. I'm also charging the minimum the app store aill allow you to charge (59p or 99c).

On the topic of 'giving back to the project': I would if I had made any changes. Mine uses PhoneGap and jQTouch and additions I've made are specific to both those projects and irrelevant to Harmony itself. I've contributed to the PhoneGap project because the modifications I made were useful and relevant. If I ever write an improved colour picker or some cool new brushes, I won't hesitate to add them to the source but so far, I've got nothing.

I'm sure some may still regard me in a bad light but I made mine because I had a free weekend and wanted to have a go at making an iPhone app. I'm not a money-grabbing troll scouring the internet for open-source projects to make money from.

That was all I wanted to say.
Just use GPL/LGPL dude. Why should an app not be open source if it is completely based on other open source ideas?
Yeah, Simon contacted me before doing anything, kudos to him :)

Joa, that's an interesting point. After checking with Sole a bit more about GPL (I didn't understood the license properly), I think I'll use that license instead for the next version. Thanks Paul too!

I guess MIT suits better libraries (like three.js, ...) and GPL suits better apps.
Using the gpl cant stop anyone from making paid apps based on your work, as long as they release the source code of their modifications. But it would still be my preferred way of distributing open source code, so I'd say go for it. :)
I don't like the GPL license and I avoid using anything that has licenses that doesn't allow you to use the code without distributing it as open source.. (specially if it is work for a client)

just imagine if the guys that created some of the algorithms that you use on most of your experiments had patented them? many cool things couldn't be created..

my humble advice, just add a note on the next projects telling everyone to do something valuable/good with the code and not just ripoffs.

more about licenses: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2007/04/pick-a-license-any-license.html

+1 for GPL
warmest wishes, maki
Okay this does not have much to do with the Harmony source code itself, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love it!
Harmony is so intuitive, it makes you draw fantastic pictures without even thinking about what you are going to draw. It is relaxing to use and it frees your mind.
Thank you for providing this lovely application!
I like your harmony application very much. So I decided to port your code to Max / Msp / Jitter. I hope I did everything right with the Source code and some other people gonna like it....

Here is my blog article:
Krita, open-source digital painting application has new brush engines inspired by harmony project. The code is not direct port but parts of it are. mrdoob is credited in the code also. The brush is more tweakable so you might discover new possibilities of the algorithm.

Brush engine is called sketch and will be in 2.3 release probably. So far you can try to build Krita

For artists

More advanced way
Is Deviantart's Muro based on Harmony?

I didn't see any credits at all anywhere... though it wouldn't surprise me. Ripping other people's work is kind of what DA is about. (I can't even count how many people I've been pointed to that are passing off my work as their own on DA)

I did buy Harmonious in the app store BTW- in part because he was one of the only iphone app devs giving you credit in the description and on his site.
It isn't based, but it does indeed feel inspired...
I don't know if this particular thought has occurred to anyone yet, but is it possible to port the brushes used in deviantART's muro (http://muro.deviantart.com) into Harmony or any of its undo-capable forks (my favourites being http://harmony.uphero.com and http://romakhin.ru/harmony/draw) somehow? It doesn't have to be an exact duplicate or anything, but similar styles would be nice. I'm in love with the first brush in muro (it's called Webink), would LOVE to see that in 'Harmonized' form. :)

I know virtually nothing about programming, otherwise I'd have definitely given it a whirl myself. :(

'fingersketch' is other application for iPad which exact copy
What goes around comes around. It'll benefit mr.doobs at some point I'm sure.

It's awful that this is happening to so many. You're no the only one.

Blender is having its code sold on ebay.

Wolfire's game has been copied and sold along side their own for less on the app store.


Apple needs to clean up it's act.
Maybe people should pirate their stuff more.

Like I said though. I appreciate what you've done. Hopefully some day I can give something back.
I'm a PC user, artist. Refuse to use Apple junk. When I first came across harmony I really liked it; still have the copy - only prob was it's not terribly flexible/customizeable. Have been hoping you might expand on it and do something like Artrage. (I'm a non programmer so not sure this is the right comparison). Basically I'd love to see undo, layer ability, ability to create brushes from settings, etc. I'd love to bring in a regular pencil sketch psd file and trace it using the harmony sketchy-tools! If it's at all possible, I say despite the fact people have swiped your work for commercial reasons, - you make sort of a 'full' program out of it, and sell it! You can say look, I'm the original developer - you know the program best. You can develop best for it. Anyway, Don't let them get you down. All of us who create anything these days are getting shafted... we just have to adapt and keep praying, keep going. Cheers.