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HTC Magic
Seems like I change my phone every 3 years. Quite surprising for a nerd.

This time I picked a HTC Magic.

Yes, it's an Android phone, that was the main reason.

Some months ago I realised I wasn't really using my phone, so I did a experiment of shutting it off. It was like that for about 3 months and it was an interesting experience. Like living on the 90s again, having to meet with people at specific places at specific times, ... Totally recommended. However, on that time I had a iPod Touch which made things easier (I could email sole if I was going to be home late from a wireless powered pub). I also used it to see the good things and bad things of the iPod Touch/iPhone platform, and guess what, as a Mac Hater I didn't like it much.

Recently the iPod Touch felt to the floor (while sitting down) and the screen got broken. That was the point when I stopped using it at all and started looking forward to getting an Android phone. (Although Mike very kindly managed to get it fixed. Mike, it's yours!).

So, now that I finally have the phone, I mainly have 3 complains:

1. WTF is with the headphones connector? Why not a jack? At least give me decent headphones!
2. Android OS doesn't really feel as snappy as the iPhone OS, plus the whole system ended up being a bit slower than I expected.
3. Apple sucks!. Apple "asked" to Google NOT TO put multi touch on Android yet. There are many evidences on the net that Android has the functionality ready, but it's not "connected". And guess what, my device does support multitouch by hardware, it's just waiting to Apple for the go ahead. Way to go Apple.

And you'll say - oh no! Another rant email! Not really, because apart from that I *really* love the device. It's like a normal computer in your hand (many apps runing at the same time, barcode/qrcode recognition, google apps interconnectivity, AR applications...) I really could do a very long list of things I like. Maybe the most important one is that developing for it is very easy and I've started :D I'm even planing to make a couple of games :P

You can track my progress on this here.

I got the feeling Android 2.0 will be released with the upcoming new Motorola handset, and it will bring multi touch and a few performance improvements (and many other things, but I'll be happy just with that).

Couple of weeks I've bought the Hero version...for about 200€ (+600 bonus points).

[ - ] One big complaint is the defult music player disturbing behaviour : Play by...author, by album, by the single's name of the author's mother ,...and so on,...but hey man! I just want to automatically start playing a single, no matter the songs in there. Should I create everytime the damn playing list, c'mon!!!
[ - ] No killing tasks, they continue living and running in some limbo...

Setting up the java development environment, seems easy, in fact it is. But fustrating when all seems well-configured, then...BOOM creating a new project from scratch generates "per-se" errors...this package installed, but missing, that path not in place,...yes all that sort of magic Linux-java stuff that makes MS VisualStudio's win the 5 minutes "hello world" from scrath battle ;)

The idea of sharing memory beetween the device arrays[] and the OpenGL server memory using vert-face-UV-whatever-Arrays() sounds disgusting, but thinking twice, should be the right fastest way.

Canvas Surface and Activity stuff sounds confusing at first time, but ...

I'll keep an eye on your next improvements.
p.s. " .... start playing a single folder ...."
The HTC Hero one looks cool. It also has the a jack entry, which is quite annoying on the HTC Magic, and I believe it's speedier.

If you're a C coder I think you're not going to like Java. For a Actionscript3 developer Java is nice tho.
Yes! the all mighty jack entry! that means, I arrive at home, switch off my headphones, and directly connect the guy to the real subwoofer shit in the main room.
awesome! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Well, well...I'm going weird during the past last 6 years, playing with evil. Messing around in C# and .NET in several bussiness around here.

C# is the copy (probably improved) of Java. At least C# has extended object oriented features ( like interfaces ) , and a decent easy-to-hand IDE.

So in a special nasty way, I'm used to Java "concepts".
I'm working right now on some ..eem...rare stuff for the Htc Hero, stay tunned ;)
I wrote a tetris game engine in java and started writing the game shell on top of it for android then got lazy after i dropped my phone in a cup of coffee. you can have the game engine portion of it if you're into making the game/graphics. this is mmas from wam.