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ActionScript Tween Libraries

Yo! There is a brand new engine too... (actually mine :) )

Added to the list :)
I use the "AS3 Animation System", very rich and full of features! Very easy to implement to.
So...what do you use and when. I thought GTween and it's recent feature additions ( timing with timeline animations ) was gonna be king...but then TweenLite came up with a plugin architecture.....

So confusing.....
Flare has a tweening library within it: http://flare.prefuse.org/api/flare/animate/Tween.html
Thanks!! Blogrolled you too :)
I use TweenLite/TweenMax. But moreover they say (http://blog.greensock.com/tweening-speed-test/) it's the best one I am not sure about it. Which one do you use? And why?
http://code.google.com/p/btween/ by Pedro Moraes
Thanks makc! Added to the list.
Oh yeah, remembered another one

This is not downloadable standalone, but at least you get its source files with astra components.
TweenLite/TweenMax seems to be used more than other animation packages. But, GTween will change everything I think.
There are so many tween engines available, but they all do pretty much the same thing. The only thing in common seems to be Penner's easing equations - arguably the origin of all tween engines.

My choice goes to the TweenLite / TweenMax family. They are simple to work with, well document, and fast.
Right now I'm using TweenLite, but I'm taking a look at GTween and Tweensy as I don't find the TwenLite/TweenMax marketing/model style too appropriate for what it is.

Just my opinion tho.
Tweensy is looking soo sweet!
I've been using TweenLite and its ilk for a while, too. The biggest issue for me, though, is that the license isn't compatible with commercial work (for which we're often required to deliver the source) or open source projects. GTween looks sweet, and doesn't have the same licensing restrictions. I'll definitely be trying it out next time I need tweening.
I just wanted to chime in and clear up a misunderstanding about the TweenLite/Max licensing. It is absolutely free in any commercial and/or non-commercial site/application, with only one exception: if it is essentially being sublicensed to multiple end users in a product (like a commercial component or game). You can get more details at http://blog.greensock.com/licensing/, but for 98%+ of the use cases, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! That includes when you're getting paid by a client to produce a site/application. You can deliver the original source file(s) to your client too.

Also, I'm about to release another huge update to TweenLite/Max that incorporates a timeline-like class for easy sequencing, etc. along with a useFrames feature and lots more. Stay tuned.
I was using HydroTween, now on TweenLite, looking at GTween. HydroTween is mainly great because it supports Fuse like syntax.

One thing I have always wanted is the ability to tween time. You can kind of do that in GTween.
Hello all,
and ... it's incredible to me and absurd. Are they necessary all these Tween libraries?! It's seems that everyone need a personale one. Why not a common project? I don't understand.
I've used tweener forever, even after all these engines started popping up. Big deal, all their bullet points look the same. All were faster than tweener, but not that much.

Everything else just stopped existing as far as i'm concerned now that BetweenAS3 exist.

20,000 particle example:

There's some other examples here too, a cool feature is stopOnComplete = false;

Wow! I didn't knew that one. Really impressive results!
One last variation on names for tween engines i think - GoBeTween anyone?
WOW! you are a master! Great concept and design. I wish I could do my flash like that. I hope I can comprehend action script and tween engine, I'm really trying hard T_T.
BetweenAS3 is definitely the new engine to learn and Greensock has always been good/consistent.