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Some new Flash 10 Shaders for realtime effects... and maybe a Shader bug?
Another thing I can get rid from my to-do list. My introduction to the Pixel Bender/Flash10 Shaders world. Yesterday afternoon I decided to give it a try and see how all this worked

First thing was setting up FDT to compile Flash10 movies, something that ended up being quite easy thanks to this post. By the way, in case you're wondering... FDT on Ubuntu seems to be doing very well, no problems so far. Unfortunately I had to go to Windows in order to do the Pixel Bender part.

Dealing with Pixel Bender was kind of fun, although I was missing a timer (incremental) value, something to easily test my filter moving. Maybe there is something for it already but I just didn't find it on the few hours I played with it.

Once the filters were done I tried them with Flash10, and then that Tinic post popped into my mind and realised how slow it was (compared to the Pixel Bender). I'm sure the filters can be optimised but I just left them easier to understand so whoever feels like can start playing with the values. However, they are fast enough for 512x512 action or for fullscreen single frame distortion.

Ok, show time...

Hypno shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Planes shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Rays shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Rays 2 shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Sphere shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Star shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Tunnel shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Tunnel 2 shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Tunnel 3 shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Tunnel 4 shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Vortex shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

Wave shader
.pbk (Pixel Bender file)

If you're wondering how I managed to do that many effects in just a couple of hours, here it's a hint... iq.

All the .as, textures and compiled shaders are here.

What to do now? Well, I would suggest you to download Pixel Bender load any of those .pbk files, find the line where it says // This is where the magic happens and play with the formulas there and make your own ones.

Have fun! :)

Wow, unbelievable/surreal effects and image manipulations. I had some trouble getting at some of your code. It seemed as if I could get at the google code on one of the files. Yet, the other 10 or so didn't work. Curious, if this part was on me....for sucking..or if it just wasn't posted?

Joshua VP
Well, google code may be a bit tricky at start. Try to download the whole trunk (go to the source tab and follow the instructions).
Either, I was half asleep yesterday, or something has been fixed on this site. Thank you very much, very inspiring.
i feel sick!
i have so much catching up to do. slow down mate give the rest of us a chance ;-)
It seems that the link to your sources is broken. Any chance you can fix it?

Thanks !
Fixed. Thanks for the ping!
Your Google Code repository says 'Forbidden'. Also, http://rgba.scenesp.org/iq/ is broken and I can't find it anywhere. I'm really curious about how some of these examples were made (mainly for the math involved), as I'm learning to code in Pixel Bender these days.

Thank you for the demos.
thanks for posting these examples - makes me feel even more curious about how to embed & animate images using PB. Wished i could access the open flash files to get a glimpse of an idea of how a setup would look like. best wishes ....
Wow great effects! Thanks for posting. I do have one problem. I can get the filter to work but the image is static. How is it that yours look like the camera is flying or zooming? Are you applying the filter to a video?
-Thanks for the help.
"offset" property! I get it now. Thanks again for posting this great code.
I have the same problem as syndrome, how do you get to that conclusion?!Would you post it again?