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Interactive Blobs

During the weekend I was playing with the blobs effect, trying to make it 1,024bytes with no luck at all. I even installed Flex2SDK to compile directly from FlashDevelop, but after fixing the code so the compiler was happy the filesize was 80bytes bigger than what flashIDE generates :_(

So, I lose the personal challenge and then started to play with the effect trying to do something cool with it, and after finding some other bugs on the player and finding a workaround for them.. here it's. It's 1'5kb, which isn't too bad anyway. I was calling the effect "Interactive blobs", but I believe the female community will rename it to "Oh shit! I got my period" :)

Anyway... sources here.

PS: Don't forget to click on the stage to make the particles go away :)
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Hi Mr Doob,

Your blob effect looks awesome. I was trying to create the effect for one of my presentation. But When I am trying to create the effect I am getting one error like:

1037: Packages cannot be nested.

Please Reply what should I do to create the effect. My requirement is :

I am trying to edit the code to create two blobs little smaller than current size. Background should be black, one blob in white (70%) transparent, and other one white (70%) transparent; can anybody tell me how I can see preview of my code changes?

email: avijit@armaninfotech.com