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Right, I was happy to see the start of the movie and finally got a little bit of understanding about why the Christianism was like it is, with all those symbols (as I've been educated in a christian school). But seeing the rest of the video was too open eyer, and the fact that I can't see anybody really with the power of doing anything against it it's just annoying. Still, I think EVERYBODY should watch this video from start to end. However, if what the video says it's true, how come the video is still online and none of those powerful people didn't move any string? Ah, it just makes you feel like a sim in simcity anyway :/


How the Towers Fell
After seeing this video, I think, how much money would make you detonate 3 building full of people without doubting?

More inside details

UPDATE: And a bit more here

BTW: Think whatever you want :)