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Microsoft vs Adobe (& Macromedia)
Here you have a link for some videos which show what you will be able to do with these new Microsoft applications...

Microsoft Expression: Tour & demos

These videodemos, just confirm that Microsoft doesn't know how to d proper software demos yet, but with a little bit of imagination, you can see that they are doing powerful tools.

In case you didn't realize, these are the battles:
Graphic Designer vs Photoshop, Fireworks & Illustrator
Interactive Designer vs Flash & Director
Web Designer vs Dreamweaver

Anyway, I'm glad M$ is doing this, so they will force Adobe to work harder in their products.

The war will begin soon...

let the war and the american way of doing bussines begin >:()
nice move the have done there.
hope this will improve the Media Centre towards creating the holy awaited substitute for the TV.

the bad thing is -to me >;P- :
it's by MacroShit