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Google Sidebar vs MSN Sidebar, winner: Konfabulator
Today google is releasing the v2 of his desktop search. It's not really the v2. It's his desktop search AND a the new product Google Sidebar (All that is starting to be a bit confusing).

As any other geek I just tried asap, and learnt how was working everything, just checking how google managed to do the sidebar. And I have to say that some bits were very clever. Some others simply weren't (no changing the colour of the rss entries read, no adding the favicon for each rss entry..) I also installed some extra plugins for it, and also checked the activeX things.. I learnt everything about it and just realized that was conflicting with my konfabulator things.. there was a weather on it, there was a todo list as well..

So I just closed Konfabulator and was using the sidebar for a bit. But 30min later I was closing the sidebar and using just the deskbar. And starting Konfabulator again. It was veeery confusing and veeery distracting.. There was a lot of information on it. Simply as that.

I tried MSN sidebar before as well, and was the same shit.

Konfabulator forever! But hey.. somebody should do a selection of the best widgets!


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Google Sidebar vs MSN Sidebar, winner: Konfabulator
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