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Today I did a new skin for this musician (tracker/mp3ers) community website. I already did some years ago (but released it last year) another skin for it. The feature of being easily skinable is quite interesting.

Anyway, the important thing here is the community inside itself, so, check out the musicians on there, listen some musics, and don't forget to start by my profile ;)

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23 years...
...thinking about what am I doing here... yes.. today was my birthday.. nothing else to say :)

cashier number five please...
Ok, that's something that really upsets me. And also that happens everywhere, london, barcelona, madrid, ...
So, you go to any supermarket, you get the products you want, everything ok, oh! i fancy those chocolate eggs.. bum bum.. ok.. Time to pay that! wow! a lot of people doing queue for the cashiers.. ok.. well.. lets wait. Wait wait wait, some guy trying to do queuejump.. You look at him with your worst face.. wait wait wait.. Ok, the cashier says, "neeext please" with the worst tone of voice you ever listen. The products are checked, you pay with yous humble money.. and then.. here we comes the problem.

They usually give you the cash back like that. They put the notes on your hand, and then the coins on the above the note! What am I supouse to do now? Juggling? If I don't control that probably all the coins will fall! Why don't you put first the coins and then the notes? If you do it like that i will be able to hold the coins with the palm of the hand and use my fingers to control the notes easily.

Two theories.
1. They are dumb.
2. Cashiers strategy. They give you the money back like that so you are not able to count the money easily, and then you are (somehow) faster and if they gave you less money, that's just money that they win.

What's your theory?

Jackie Chan
Let's talk about someone I'm totally fan of. Probably you heard something or someone told you about Jackie Chan. Since veeery young, I was watching every movie that TV3 played. TV3 usually had one Jackie Chan movie a week, normally on Fridays but not definitely on the hour that the paper said. I had to watch a lot of times the PumpNseel Ad (or something like that). Lot of time watching the same Ads waiting to enjoy a great movie after it. Sometimes the movie was just after, sometimes the movie was cancelled. That really was a lot of time watching the TV from 1am to 5am waiting for the movie, at the age of 10-11. So, from these days, movies like Project A (the bicycles fight part, and the clock part), Armour of God (begining, end part), Police Story (everything!!), Drunken Master (chair fights, end part)... These movies were rocking my days!! Also, I was a big fan of City Hunter (Ryo Saeba) Character. So, as soon as I knew that Jackie did the movie of City Hunter, I probably was the happies boy in the whole earth. Tho I didn't see the movie :D (Now, I've seen the movie (bought it on Amazon some years ago, and have to say that is not really my favorite, but is interesting anyway.. my favorite will be probably Project A).

Later on, I met a vietnamese friend that was giving me movies of him. And since then, I watched some of the Holliwood movies he did, but as you can guess, is not the same..

Somehow, with broadband at home, and thinking what to download, I decided to download all the movies available from him. I watched/bought some years ago the Jackie Chan: My Stunts VHS, and was very interesting to see all the tricks, but since this weekend I wasn't able to see Jackie Chan: My Story.

Woahh! So impressive, on the outtakes you always see the accidents he have but they don't explain nothing about it. On that movie he explains everything. He explains how he started with Bruce Lee, how the martial arts cinema was almost dead after Bruce Lee die, and how he was able to grow in that moment and continue what Bruce Lee was doing. And then, everything he did for each movie. And that's the most impressive part, as you can see how in movies like Police Story, he have 3 big accidents (the last scene is soooo weird!).

I think that someone that likes to do that special film doing the action scenes by himself, giving that quality to each movie (the fx won't be never at the same level of that IMHO as nobody is risking his live doing it..), with a movie career with 100+ movies, and almost die in some of the movies (no kidding). He deserves RESPECT!

Go Jackie go!

picasa 2
Another software review.. Also, today I tried Picasa. That google program does have the google level. Like online rol games, I didn't like photo managing tools, but I once again, I have to say that I was wrong.

Usually programs in windows are not very cute, there are no transitions, fades, movements.. That one makes you say woaah! a lot of times, and also, is very clean! iPhoto on mac changes all the structures of your computer, that one keeps everything in place, and you can easily control what do you want to be indexed in the system. And those big changes that usually make you wait a lot, in this case are veeery fast.

Time to change my mind again :D

guild wars
On wednesday I had no idea about that game, but somehow, on thurday, blackpawn (coder of some effects for the demo mdma) just asked me if there was some code needed at xplsv. He was usually busy with doing some new game, but he just finished it. So on friday I give it at try, as shine said good things about it as well.

So, from friday night to saturday night, playing Guild Wars was the only thing I did (also I tried to sleep a bit as well ;). I usually hate games like that, I usually hate play too many hours as well. But, I have to say that the game is very interesting.

The main thing was that you only have to download a client (76kb), and in less than 1 minute, you are inside a full 3D game, the game downloads the files needed for each part you access. Meanwhile you play and sometimes with a loading bar. Obviously a nice bandwith is needed for that (at the end of the night, the game .dat is 440mb).

Anyway, nice one!

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reinstalling windows xp
Good news, after long time dreaming in a laptop with a graphic card with Pixel Shaders 2.0 (needed for Neon 2.0), today Dell sent me an Inspiron 6000. I ordered it last Sunday. That's quite interesting, as 2 years ago I took like 2/3 weeks to be delivered. This time 3 days.

So, the laptop arrived, and as soon as it was in the office I tried to see if everything was ok. What a bad thing to see all that crap preinstalled in the OS (AOL, BT, Realplayer, Tiscali.. blablabla..) a lot of shitty icons on the desktop, so I started to uninstall them, but then after a reboot there was some errors when Windows was starting and then I was very pissed off. I was also very sourprised as there was no Windows XP CD this time. But after checking everything with more calm at home I realized that there was an application that just burn a CD with it.

Burned, and seconds later I was formating and reinstalling Windows. Now everything is cleaner and better. So things that I install when Windows XP is just installed:

AVG free version

This list is like a suggestion for all of you, and also because I usually don't remember the link for AVG ;)

BTW! God bless freeware! :'D

Microsoft Paint 2
Probably everyone that is reading that post is aware that Microsoft just released a beta version of his new program Acrylic. This is just a vector program, something like Illustrator. So why are they moving to that sector now? As far as I know this is just to get rid of flash as a resource to do rich applications for Windows (not for the website). But looks like that is going to be the tool to design the next applications layouts for Longhorn.

What really piss me off is that you have to fill a lot of forms to download the beta. Anyway.. better than Paint :)

things are clearly moving finally..
This is the first time when I see a news from Spain in a blog, before and more detailed that on a newspaper. That means that those bloggers are starting to show their power in some way.

btw, that's the news link :P

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who is mr.doob?
After the speech done at offf and being the user with more reviews and movement in xplsv.tv. Perhaps some people is wondering who is mr.doob? ;)

At some point I started to use in MSN names like "do_ob", "dò_ób", "dõ_õb", "dō_Ôb".. Mainly because I was always with headphones at work. So, later on, a friend of mine just called me, "hey! mister doob!", I thought that the name was quite nice and with a nice background, and changed the name on msn to "mr.doob".. days later, the people at work, was calling me "doob" instead of "ricardo" (mainly because is easier to pronounce I guess).

Some months later, I decided to buy the domain mrdoob.com but I didn't know exactly what to put on there. I had an holding image on there for months. But then, after being some months thinking how to improve this website, and very unhappy with the photo section, I had the idea to do an special photo report on there. An also some experiments that I have in mind, but the main thing will be the photo report I think.

So, after some spare time working on it, here is the first usable version:


Hope you like it :)

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