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mmt festival 2005
Finally the website for this year mmt festival edition is ready.

8 - 9 July (Montcada - Barcelona)

As I did last year, I'm going to visualize all the audio in the place, I wanted to join this year with the guys of threepixels. But they doesn't have the new version of their tool ready and I'll have to hold both days of the event. So being right now as holidays, I'll have to merge the beach, bike, sangria, chiringuitos on the beach with this warm weather, 3D Studio and photoshop hardwork. Sounds great, uh? ;)

See you the next friday and the next saturday in montcada! :D

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ok, so.. what's your favourite band?
That was one of the themes in one of those company meetings where you speak about everything but company related stuff.

They were just speaking about music, and again I felt like in Spain, where everyone (obviously not everyone).. likes Operacion Triunfo and that kind of music.

I did my best, trying give as answer the more comercial "band" I was listening latelly. Autechre! I said.. (the old stuff, the new one is too destroyed for me yet) only one on the table said.. oh! nice!.. Again, living in my own world, that nobody understands :D

Latelly I'm actually listening everything about aural planet, autechre, midi miliz, and the usual idm/techno radios.

The asked as well about the favourite CD, I wasn't able to answer that again, but what can I say is that the last music that really shocked me (and I was listening it in a loop for days and days) was Ocean Machine by Crankshaft.

And hey! before you think that, I think I'm not closed to only techno, experimental electronic stuff.. I like all kind of stuf.. Akira OST, Amelie OST, Dream Theater, bjork, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, .. But somehow what I really like is what the people don't know, or never heard. I don't like what everyone likes.

So, If you like any of the stuff I said, don't hesitate to recommend me new things :)

sick of just eat!
Time to cook some stuff! Aren't you hungry?! I have been quite inactive since a lot of time (games, overwork, daba daba..), and I think is time to be a little bit productive again. Or you just prefer read my simple blog talking about my personal silly things and about impressive things that other people does?

So.. demoscene related, I can't promise anything, but I got some ideas for some tunes and they are realtime-able.

Music related, i'm sorry, but something is already moving about it ;)

vj related confirmed gigs: MMT | 8,9 July | Montcada, Barcelona (more info soon) PlayboyMansionParty | 25th-29th August | Madrid

Also I should update my portfolio as I really did a lot of webdesign stuff latelly.

fthr/tpolm updates his site
Mr. Antti Jadertpolm has just updated his site with the latest illustrations he created.

If you got some time, check out his gallery, just relax, click on next image and enjoy that impressive work.

Keep that awesome work Antti!! ;D

PS: I usually use his illustrations as wallpapers (sometimes I have to remix it to do it proportional tho) and they really work very well, inspiring, relaxing, styling.

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uh?! you did nothing?!
No, I don't usually do special things for my birthday. I don't like it. I was able to avoid that day for some years, but this year I had to do it. And as a lot of people asked me about I'll explain why.

It's actually quite simple, I usually try to be as original as I can with other people's/friends's birthdays. I do my best to do a nice surprise, and if is just write a card for someone, I write an original text with some joke or some sourprise/funny thing on it.

So, as I do my best to give a nice surprise to the others, I obviuosly expect the same from the others. But, In my case.. my 18th birthday.. that one was the worst, I was on my first job (web developer), and it was Sunday, but my boss asked me to go work on Sunday and he knew that was my birthday. Veery sad! After that one I gave the oportunity to my friends to surprise me, but I felt very bad because for them I tried as hard as I could but they didn't.
Then if you mix that with my family part, where they don't try to surprise you, they say, "what do you want for your birthday?". I said to them a lot of times, that I just want a surprise. But they still asking me the same.

Perhaps I'm wrong and I don't try that hard to surprise the people or perhaps I expect too much from the others. But this year I gave the oportunity to the people again (as I was somehow forced to), and overall I felt very sad again. That's why I just prefer to don't celebrate it, and take it as a normal day.

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improve your life! get a bike!
I wanted to do that since the day I found my first house. Mainly because it was a bit far from everywhere, but I found that London is veeery flat. Not too many hills, and if there is any hill, is an small one. So, bike is great to move around here.

Two years later, living a bit more in the center, and with a place to save the bike, I finally bought one. And when I did it, I actually didn't realize how great it was. I mean:

Saving money
Prize of the bike: £80 (cheapest one at argos). One week bus pass is £11.50.

I use it to go work... using it for 2 months I can throw it away as it spent the same money that taking the bus everyday.

Saving time
With bus, it takes like 30/40min, walking and waiting for the streelights to go work. With bike 15min.

Oh dear! You can't believe how hard was the first day I went to work ;) After one week, that subway pass is more easier to do :) Also the scale is giving me nice surprises ;)

Oh man! Stop that Apple!
New 20GB iPod photo!

Why in the world anybody will want to have an mp3 player that can also store pictures and view them. Why do you want to see your holidays pictures in a 2" screen? That's doesn't make sense! But they still selling them. Also, the screen in colours.. that reminds me gameboy vs gamegear.. this is not really evoluting..

Anyway, I'm sure that a lot of people will pay for it, because is from Apple, you know.

Demo style
Regarding my last post, perhaps you're wondering what demostyle actually means. Well, that's just that oldschool music that the people was starting to do for the demoscene like 10 years ago. Probably because the samples they had in that time, and the tricks that they were using to modulate the sounds and created melodies, and also because the main idea of the demos that were to impress the people, the musics were usually very emotive, melodic but with hard changes. (Sorry for that poor explanation :D)

David Domingo (Sml) did a demo module pack for pomod, a very cool moduleplayer for pocketPC, that Pere Felices (Xphere) released some months ago.

And actually I just found that the pack really have the best tunes on it, and you can easily get how that style is.

Hope you like it! ;)

Purple Motion
The demoscene-legend purple motion released some months ago his first commercial CD called music disk. The firsts impressions are like, too chiptuneish, booh! typical demostyle.. But hey, after some listening becomes quite addictive. I like all the tunes on the CD but the Second Reality remake :P (Nothing like the original one). Probably the one I like more is the remake of Starshine (that I have to say.. I never listened before :'( ).

So, if you liked at some point the demostyle, you'll love that one. Also, if you want to check first some oldish (but great and FREE!) puple motion tunes, download them from here. (Proper music players like Winamp can play these files (forget about itunes/wmplayer shits)..

Commodore 64!!
Woah! this video is hilarious.

Check it out and see the release of one of the firsts Electronic Arts games (Skate or Die), some music trackers, and the famous grandmother programming in Basic :D

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