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bcnparty 64kintro winner
Some weeks ago, mr.kile was asking me for an idea for a 64kintro, as he was looking to release something at bcnparty. The only thing I suggested him was to do the demo r08028 in 64k, and somehow he liked the idea and started to work on it. Luckilly after some search in my backups and HDs I found the original scenes and he was able to use them easily. The harder part obviously was going to be to redo the music, firstly I tried myself but I didn't have too much luck. Days later Wonder did quite fastly all the base, structure and the result was very similar, then I modified it a little bit as he just missed some parts of it, and also I destroyed it, Wonderboy to the rescue saved the disaster.

The there was the idea of doing r08080 as well (as r08028 was already ready, but this time Wonder didn't want to do the full music, so, well, you will see how it all ends :D

So, it just ended like a little brief of my demos in a 64k. And it won the 64kintro compo! Thanks kile <3<3<3!!!


Today, when checking the xplsv.tv refereers list of the day I found a very interesting new website.

netvibes seems to be a copy of google.com/ig. However it may be the original one that google copied (I don't know). Whoever were the first, netvibes looks much more completed and with more features. In the case of google.com/ig if you needed something you were able to suggest it but google is always very cold, there is also no blog about the progress of the project, and netvibes does have it. Just a couple of (silly but very important) things that will make move to netvibes.

You should give it a try as well :)

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MenuetOS: Geekest project ever

Full 64bit OS done entirelly with assembler in only 600K. Is that possible?

Looks like... Respect!

If you check the history of changes, seems that they are doing great progress quite fastly. I'm wondering where this project ends.

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tpolm lazy sunday radio
tpolm si back! enjoy!

a spanish wedding
Just in the middle of the explosion of extra work (Spring Digital's overwork, getting a flat in London, bcnparty/2ndstage getting closer and with the indirect work that it means..) I had a wedding to attend in a lost town close to Valencia (one of sole's friend was getting married).

The first problem that this had was the fact that I used to hate suits, but I just changed of mind about that quite fast and I went to Zara to see what could I have. The final decission was to mix the top of the suit with dark jeans and a kind of serious sportshoes. The mix of styles was quite nice, it is quite typical in London but I was a little bit concerned about how the people of that town and with their town-mind were going to think about what I was wearing, but well, I prefered to feel good with my cloth instead with the people thoughts. Once in the wedding everyone was looking at us because what we were wearing (Sole was wearing a chinese/japanese style, someone said that she was wearing in a Pucca style).

I've never been in a wedding with a little bit of awareness of what it was all about. That one was a catholic wedding so you know, priest blabling and blabing. Since the beginning I was quite confused.. what the hell he is talking about? the part inside the church was like 90% talking about god, about how nowadays the people doesn't attend every sunday to church and well, I just feel like if they were crying and asking us please to attend as catholithims was just dying. Another thought I had meanwhile they were speaking was the resemblance between the priest an a dj. The dj's as the priest do can make a bunch of people to sit up and sit down. It was exactly the same, bunch of people following what the dj was saying. And as the last point inside the church, well, if your name is Rigoberto, or your girlfriend is Romualda, please, make sure that the Priest can speel properly the letter "R" or everybody will just laugh about it. I have to say all that was very funny. As usual trying to don't laugh inside the church, sentences like "you cannot buy love, love isn't something you can buy in supermarkets, isn't something you can buy in 'el corte ingles', 'consum'..", or like "you have to put yourself inside her, and see what she feels, what she needs", also watching how the altar boy was yawning all the time... just funny.

I'm sure the happy couple will be not really happy to have the video that this guy was recording on there, I don't understand why they keep recording videos in weddings.. Anyway.. once all this spanish traditional sectism (sorry, but that's what I think) was over we had to wait outside the church for the married couple meanwhile they were getting properly married. Then some drinks on a normal bar, then a lot of food on a kind of restaurant and to finish the special day, 'dancing' the latest spanish supercrap hits in a drink-as-much-as-you-can party.

At this point we were really tired (as we didn't sleep too much to be able to catch the plane) and we decided to leave.

After that wedding was easy to see that in my case, in the future, I will prefer a XXX's wedding style (with DJ, VJ, friends..) instead of a catholic/traditional spanish one.

Btw, check out the pictures of this topic wedding

1.0GB SanDisk memorycard received!
Finally I will be able to continue playing WipeOut! o/ And in the case Ridge Racer or Metal Gear AC!D also die I will be able to download the backup and continue playing.

But I'm actually more interested in trying NEOGEO PSP emulator on it and see if I can play Metal Slug, WindJammers and all those great games. That's something that GP2X will do (see GP2X playing Metal Slug), but GP2X doesn't have wifi, so I'm afraid I won't get GP2X in the future, doesn't matter how great it looks ;)

Anyway, I'll keep my gp32, and also I'll keep trying with SDL in my spare time.

2.1 minutes saved
Google Web Accelerator is back, and looks like is working quite alright this time, you can download it from here.

hardcore gamer + gp32spain
(Sorry, in spanish :U) Si algo nunca me ha gustado de la escena de gp32 en Espanya es el hecho de que fuese creada "gracias" a hardcore gamer. Por un lado si.. hay que estar agradecido, pero veamos, el plan, tal y como yo lo veo es el siguiente:

Tienes una tienda de videojuegos, creas una comunidad, compras el dominio, usas phpbb para los foros, noticias.. y tal.. Lleva su tiempo, lo se, no se crean asi como asi, pero es que si entras en la web de gp32spain veras que esta bastante lleno de publicidad de la tienda en si. Como he dicho, si, hay que estar agradecidos por crear la web/comunidad, de hecho yo compre la consola en la tienda que ponen anyo tras anyo (y sigo sin saber a que santo), en la supuesta only-demoscene bcnparty, pero no por ello hay que comer toda esa publicidad. La gota que colmo el vaso fue la noticia de "Campaña de apoyo a la scene: Chapas Hardcore Gamer". La idea era que comprabas una chapa con el logo de la tienda y parte de el dinero de la chapa se iba para los coders que como hobby hacen cosas para la consola. Esa era la idea, pero, llamadme mal pensado, pero ahi lo unico que veia era una manera como cualquier otra de desperdigar el logo de la tienda por ahi y ganar publicidad directa. Seguramente esta "tecnica" tiene hasta nombre, pero es que realmente parece que esten tratando como tontos a los usuarios. Lo curioso de ello fue que esta misma vision que tenia yo, se la expuse como comentario en la misma noticia, a partir de ahi estaban los tipicos usuarios que no eran capaz de abrir la mente y a la minima usaban mayusculas e insultos (realmente faciles de ignorar), luego los afectados que intentaban justificar como podian, y por suerte habian unos cuantos (algunos publicamente y otros por privado) que me apoyaban y que opinaban lo mismo.

Para que os hagais una idea, para la demoscene espanyola es como si Jan Carlo Mityorn aka Real Ice (es el primero que me ha venido a la cabeza...), que fue uno de los que llevo el tema de escena.org en sus inicios, hubiese usado escena.org para hacer publicidad de sus empresas/proyectos, y los usuarios no poder decir ni mu porque si la web esta ahi es gracias a el. Me parece una estrategia bastante patetica :S Y no es precisamente algo que piense hacer en ninguna de las web que llevo entre manos. Aunque de alguna manera, solo por el hecho de las ventas indirectas (y tambien por estar interesado en la gp32) el admin sigue manteniendo la web, inventandose nuevas estrategias y movimientos, mas que nada para que la escena no muera. Probablemente gracias a esto, la escena de gp32 en espanya debe ser de las mas activas, en cuanto a desarollo, en los foros tambien se habla mucho aunque solo un 10% suele ser interesante, el resto son emoticons y banners de fanclubs.

Por su lado no ponen mas que excusas de que la web se ha de pagar y tal y cual, pero bien que en gp32x no tienen mas que los banners de google, y dudo que les den mucho dinero (alguna prueba he hecho con ellos :D). Tambien te dicen.. si no te gusta, haz tu otra web.. ermm.. si, claro..

Pero vamos, en general este tipo de comunidades/webs suelen ser del mismo rollo, las crean cuanto antes para luego tener el poder de la fama y poner publicidad y sacarse una perras (vease pspupdates por ejemplo). Pero por lo menos en pspupdates no mezclan noticias de publicidad como si fuesen noticias, simplemente dejan la escena en el centro y a los lados los baners.

Creo que las escenas hay que dejarlas puras, y saber separar los negocios de este tipo de cosas. Es una pena.

Pain 10/05
Diskmags are dead. Well not all of them, thanks to the usual sceners pain is still alive.

I'm afraid I usually don't read diskmags, I download them, read 2% of it and delete them, mainly because I'm very slow reading and my mind just start thinking other things before ending the line. However, this time was different. I was surprised that on the news/rumours there was a note/link to my post explaining the truth about the minimalanimal movement, then I found some interesting interviews to uncle-x, xenusion, zoom.. then I was starting to feel tired and wanted to just stop my pain of reading and was when I've seen the interview to outraks guys, ocean machine making of.. ARGH! please! no more cool stuff!!

So, time to share the pain ;)

UPDATE: Btw, was really cool to see that just with only one edition, Playboy Mansion Party is already on the bestparty charts. Well done mates!

"I hereby give you notice that the landlord requires posession of the dwelling house"
The adventure starts again! :S Is this time going to be the last one? More information in the next posts! ;)

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