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I think this is cool enough to have a post here...

As some of you may know, Macromedia (fuck Adobe!) is already working on the next version of Flash (Flash 9) which will introduce ActionScript 3. The way of coding in ActionScript3 is totally different from ActionScript1, so I'll probably jump directly to ActionScript3. I'm right now still trying to move to program with Classes and stuff.

Anyway, you may think, so what's the new stuff in Flash9? Usually the people think that in each version they don't do too much.. Well, they do quite a lot, but mainly for Actionscript (which it what it needs). Now is turning to something similar to JAVA, which is cool. There is a lot of new functions and things you can do, but one of the coolest one is that with AS3 you'll be able to read binary files, parse them and stuff like that. So, don't be surprised if I tell you that people already did a C64 emulator.

(You will need Flash 9 player beta in order to see it.)

I wonder how my demoscene effects may look when moving to AS3.

Btw, If you want to read more about that C64 emulator done in flash, check out this blog.

Being a proper British, Part 1: The tea
Also called the magic beverage (by my ex-workmate Jonathan Clarke), the tea has been one of those things with took me more time to get used to (almost 3 years). I never liked it, tried it before in Spain, and wasn't able to like it as was something like water with a little bit of taste of something. I remember always saying "no, thanks, I hate it" whenever anyone at Spring asked if anybody wanted one done. I tried one as they add Milk on it and they said it was going to taste different, but I wasn't able to finish it.

But some months ago, I decided to stop being picky with everything. Now I can eat any kind of food (even vegetables ;). So in that new period I also said "yes please!" when Ben Messinger asked to the team. And guess what?! This time I found something on it. So I started to accept it more and more. And I end up really digging it. Some weeks ago, Lisa O'brien (also a workmate) teached me how to do it. So thanks to her I'm doing now this post. Thanks to all of them actually.

Now you laugh (cos I usually don't do that kind of stuff..)...



You'll need all these. So if you don't have something, go buy it! (Cup, spoon, sugar, tea sackets, milk).


Use you clean hands to get one sacket. I think this step is easy enough.


Put the sacket inside the cup. The result may look something like in the picture.


Put some water inside the boiler and use the activation button. It may do some sounds.. Wait until the activation button deactivates.


But hey! you can do things meanwhile the water gets hot. You can put some sugar in the cap. I use to have 2, but there is people that doesn't want any or just 1.


With the sacket in the cup, and the sugar, and also with hot water ready we can just put some water in the cup now. Be careful, is hot! Lots of kids go to Walk-in Urget hospitals everyday because they throw each others boiling water (that's what happens when you got an automatic machine that boils water, in Spain that doesn't happen). So yeah.. be careful!


You have to reach more or less the level that you see in the picture. Leave a little bit of room for the milk! Use the spoon to stir the tea sacket and the sugar a bit.


When you get tired of that mechanical and boring movement, just use the magic spoon to get rid of the sacket. Throw it to the bin. Any bin.


So, until here, we have more or less a "normal" tea, what we need now is the english touch. Just add a bit of milk.

STEP 10:

Not too much, the result needs to have a colour like the one in the picture. And here you go! You can drink it anytime, not only at 5o'clock.


And If you had enough patience to wait until here, there is also an extra gift...

Today in my way home I went to a normal/arabish shop where I found these things:

The texture was very similar to Churros so I really wanted to get some and try them. But far from the reality, it doesn't taste like churros, they, in fact, taste like our Pestiños tho are smaller and less honey-ish.

Heh.. in the next issue.. I don't know, what do you guys want to know? :)

3 years of VJing

I think that was enough VJ/live visuals for a while :) Check out the non-uptodate xplsv.com for all the work done.

I'll update xplsv.com soon, I promise!

AS: Tunnel!

Following the demoscene oldschool effects in Actionscript saga.. Here we go with the Tunnel! This time I had to render at 40x40 in order to reach atleast 23fps..

However, this time, in case you got a super machine as desktop, you got a "hi-res" (100x100) version too!

The texture used in this effect was done by a friend of mine (trace), which you can also download from here

I've a new mobile!!
As I saw some friends talking about their new mobiles in their blogs, I thought that was going to be quite funny talking about that. So, yeah, this time I'm the one that is changing the mobile.

I had a Nokia 6610i before, it had camera, lots of colours and stuff. It was quite nice, but some day the keypad just stop working. The key 3 had some problems but you just had to press harder. Anyway, the good news are that I'm changing it, I'm having now the one that I always wanted to have.

So, here you have! my new phone!

A Nokia 8310!!!! Well, to be honest I already had it, hehehe, it's in fact my old phone, but I had to change it because the battery worked for 1 or 2 days. But luckily I was able to fit the battery from the Nokia 6610i in it.

So my new mobile (which is 5 years old now (more or less)) does have uhmm.. sounds, lights on the keypad, and a fantastic monochrome screen. I can even send SMS and call to my friends with it!!

Heh, now you see how much I care about the mobile world ;)

AS: Plasma effect
And here it's! the plasma effect!
Unfortunatelly I'm not able to optimize it, so I'm still rendering at 50x50.

VIEW EFFECT (fast with IE)


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tvlicensing.co.uk = spam & crap business
This company kind of reminds me SGAE in Spain. I wouln't be able to run a company creating fear in the people in order to paying me. It's just annoying.

Check out the letters that they send:
Dear Owner/Occupier,


You are hereby notified that we have authorised officers from our Enforcement Division to visit your home and interview you under caution, as our records show there is still no TV Licence at this address and as yet we have received no response to previous communications from you.

Your statement will be taken in compliance with the Police and Criminal Evicence Act 1984*, and is the first step in our action to prosecute if we find evidence that you watch or record television without a valid license.

I feel it is my duty to inform you that if found guilty, you could receive a maximum fine of £1,000, and your name will be added to our National Enforcement Database. We take this offence very seriously and last month alone we caught 24,184 people.

To avoid an appearance in court before a magistrate I would strongly advise you to call 0870 241 5698 or buy a TV Licence online at www.tvlicensing.co.uk

Yours faithfully,

John Hales
Head of TV Licensing Enforcement Division

Please see reverse for important TV Licensing information, including exclusion and how to pay.

A TV Licence currently costs £131.50 for colour and £44 for black and white.

*In Scotland interviews & cautions are made in line with Scottish criminal law.
So, imagine receiving letters like that every month. Now imagine receiving letters like that being a person that HATES TV!

I wish I could just flah the mail as SPAM like in gmail, and don't caring about it anymore, but that's oldschool mail that you can't stop. If you want to stop it you have to call them and then let them do a check of your flat to see if there is a rubbish tranferer to your brain machine (aka TV).

F*U*C*K O*F*F!

AS: Interference effect
For some reason, I was trying to code a plasma effect yesterday with Actionscript. I never tried to code an effect like that, and never know that it was a very basic code which really need optimizations in order to make it work fast. However, I liked better the interfere function, so I used that one by now..

I didn't do any optimizations to the code yet (so it's just a 50 x 50), but managed to do my own colour palette, and also added a Convolution Matrix to give it a little bit of bump effect.

Surprise! this time the source file is available ;)

Demoscene: arte en tiempo real
David Domingo aka Sml/Fuzzion ha escrito un muy buen articulo explicando el porque y el como de la demoscene para la revista Mosaic. El articulo esta vez no esta en ingles, asi que para todos aquellos que ponen como excusa el ingles para no enterarse de que va esto...

Aqui teneis el articulo!

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Breakpoint'06 mini-report
Ok, breakpoint'06 is over.I feel like empty, I don't have more deadlines right now. I'll have to plan what to work in from now on.

My gigs
The party was great (as usual), I'll probably go there next year again. However I'll have to rethink about doing visuals for the gigs or not. I mean, it was fun, it was really fun, but at the same time, doesn't matter how much I work on that before the party, because the musicians will probably do some changes to the schedulle and will give some ideas for the visuals during the party, so I'll have to spend time working on it during the party anyway, and that means lose quite a bit of party time. In the other hand, it's a bit hard to do, mainly because 3 things:

1) They are mainly rock, that means: hard to syncronise. "Solution": FFT, which I'm not really a fan of.
2) Demobased stuff. The people will expect to see a demo or a remix of the demo as visuals. But I just don't have time to redo any of the demos,
3) So, as they expect the demos to be shown, I need videos of them, and using kkapture for this isn't the best solution, mainly because it takes ages to record the demo, and to have a proper quality of it needs a lot of space and if you would like to do "video scratching" you need a keyframe everyframe. And that will be probably 250Mb+ for demo. So, you end up just with a crappy 320x240 resolution video, so you need to add another layer on the top just to hide the poor quality.

So well, I ended up doing two gigs, one for Ultrasound (which Jeenio asked me like the last week) and another one for BASS which I had more time to work for. Anyway, I didn't have too much time and the result isn't what you can say GREAT. But I think it was much better than on their previous gigs.

xplsv demo
Regarding more scene-ish stuff. Sole released an xplsv demo using a tune i did like 3 years ago with sml and wizard for a fuzzion's 4k. They didn't used, sole liked it and then did the demo with it. Check it out.

Quality stuff
The productions do have a good level, in some categories they aren't a big deal tho (4kintro), but you should really check these ones:

deities by mfx (1st at PC Demo)
sts-02: electric kool-aid by Synesthetics (2nd at PC Demo)
lux aeterna luceat eis by Ephidrena (2nd at Amiga Demo)
meet the family by Fairlight (1st at PC 64kintro)

Scene.org Awards
Well, that has been the worst thing of the party imho. As soon as I heard that Ithaqua had to read some kind of text as a VIP guy giving the price in a suit. I was like .. what the fuck?! Do we really need to do it that "serious". Was easy to see that was going to look wanabe. The videos were great, but, I really prefered the last years prizegiving ceremony. It was more familiar and funny, steeler and melwyn knew how to keep the times so you really can't wait to hear the results. This year, the guys that were giving the results were just thinking about leaving the stage so they were not giving any time for creating any suspense. Also some of the guys forgot the lines that they had to memorize and read.

Also, they keep doing that crappy connection with the gatering in the middle of the awards which it's very dumb, mainly because there is a 2min delay and they expect to have a conversation or something. Oh.. well..

So, then it's when I think.. Do we really need all this? If I ever get nominated for some of those awards and they keep doing the ceremony like that. Don't expect me to join it. I'm sorry.

Frankfurt-main Airport sucks
During the trip we were able to confirm the legend about the trains arriving in a precise time. But at the same time we were able to see how Frankfurt-Main Artport really sucks. When we arrived on Friday, after walking throught all the airport just to get our baggage, we were stopped by the police. Everyone had to wait 10min. They didn't say why. So those 10mins were enough for us to lose our shuttle bus that was going to bring us to the partyplace. It wasn't only the police guys fault, mr. Uncle-X was also there just caring about the suomi people and not giving a shit about us, so the bus left without us, thanks dude!

But that wasn't enough. Today, when we were going back to London, we had to do something like 10 different checks before finally going inside the plane. 10 different checks that took us something like 1hour. Check the tickets, check the baggage, checking the baggage again, checking the passports, checking the tickets, checking the baggage AGAIN!, gate changed, walking back, queuing, checking the tickets to get some seats, queueing again.... Veeeery annoying. But we were able to keep relaxed (more or less) until the end, and in compensation, the guys of Lufthansa which weren't really helpful either gave us sits on the Business class (mainly because there were no others left). So atleast we were able to enjoy the service, food, and space that the Business class means.

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