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How do you think the future will be like?
These days I've seen 2 movies that are inspired in two very different hypothetic futures.

From the director of 'Office Space', creator of  'Beavis and Butt-head' and others... The movie shows a very stupid future were, in instance, a clock on a big tower (something like the big ben) was swapped fr a digital one and it even was blinking on '12:00'. Hilarious! It also shows one of the movie on that time where you only see an ass for 90min. I've sometimes visions of a family watching altogether the TV where the only thing they show is a shit, just there without anything else... I have those visions when I watch TV with other people and I see them so concentrated with whatever they show.

Children of Men
Feel like more real future. If you enjoyed Half-life 2 you'll love some of the action scenes of this movie. I have to say that I was quite impressed about this movie, didn't know anything about it when I saw it after watching it and doing a proper imdb'ing I was again surprised when I read who was the director. The movie is cool, but the final sucks.

Anyway, which future do you chose? I think the one on Idiocracy sounds more probable. Just watch the television, everyday is more commercial and dumb. It's also funny that on this short review of both movies, I had more to say about Idiocracy than Children of Men. You would probably say that you never heard of Idiocracy, that's because Fox didn't want to do a Trailer, or even a Poster for the movie. It was released 2 years after it was done, something similar happened with Office Space too. Apparently they didn't want to release the movie, and in the end it was a real success when it went to DVD.

These things increased my interest for Mike Judge's work.

Guess what!!? (This post is not suitable for pure Mac fans)
Right... What you're about to see is not a trick, it doesn't have any photoshop action on it (although I've used it for converting the screenshots from tiff to jpg). I know it's hard to believe it (at least it was to me) but what you're about to see is a real mix between MacOS X and Windows XP.

(Click on the images to enlarge).

Yep, that's right, MacOS bar on the top and Windows (without changing the skin yet) on the bottom. And check out the dock, Windows applications are being integrated there too. Should I mention that there is no Mac version of Winamp?

Wait wait! there is even more!

Again, this one is even more awesome. What you see on the screenshot is Photoshop 3 beta running under Windows which is also running under MacOS. And REALLY fast.

Wow, that's amazing, a shame that Windows 3D acceleration doesn't work (YET!).

There is even one more cool thing to mention, using this mix you can drag&drop files from one window to another (like from MacOS window a XP one).

If you wonder how is this possible.. just check the latest beta from Parallels (Coherence mode). And, of course, you need an intelMac.

So, yeah.. guess what I bought today ;)

PS: If you want to see how a video of how Parallels work, check this out.

PS2: I forgot to say something... Window shortcuts work!, WindowsKey+E is something I'm too used to! :P

PS3: There is even one more thing! With this beta version you can use directly the WindowsXP you installed with bootcamp (so no need to create a new image). That means that if you don't need 3D acceleration you can easilly use Parallels. And in case you need, let's say.. watch a Windows demo, or maybe produce one, you can go back to bootcamp/XP and you still have there all the data.

PV3D Acid Cubes

Here you have another experiment with Papervision3D... Enjoy :D
(this time is only 19kbytes... :P)

Should I say anything else? What I did seems quite ovbious so.. well, that's it.

AS3: bytesTotal not working with Flash 9 Public Alpha
That's right, the flashplayer that goes with Flash 9 Public Alpha just doesn't show the bytesTotal real value, the value is always 0. It compiles everything fine tho.. Don't blame Adobe for that, that's what 'beta' means.

So, well, now you know, I hope I'm the only one that lost that much time with this thing. So, compile with the public alpha and then try your stuff with the systems/browser flash player.

Dark Alex's 3.02 OE firmware (aka GP2X killer)
After this guy released his custom firmware the battle is over. I had a fight on my desktop between GP32 and PSP, PSP won so I sold GP32 and bought a GP2X to battle again. And after that firmware, the battle is over, GP2X died, it didn't last more than 2 months. Anybody wants a GP2X? It can uhm.. well, do things, it doesn't have wireless but, hey, it's fun! yeah.. the opensource platform.. doh..

I guess that's the main point because it didn't lasted to long, it lacks wireless, I believe that if it had wireless it would had a great success, open platform with wireless support... very interesting. But a closed platform hacked with wireless support won, and even doesn't use the wireless very well... yet.

Anyway, that custom firmware mainly lets you play to old PSX games on your PSP and also execute homebrew easily and also backuped .ISOs from PSP of course... I'm really looking forward to find Ghost in the Shell for PSX [video1] [video2] somewhere and play on my PSP. That will simply rock because the PSP version sucks :P

I may keep testing a bit the SDL stuff on the PSP if I find the inspiration some day, I'm well out of coding in C these days.

PV3D Panorama (Animated this time...)
It's 8mbytes big so It will take a bit to load. And someone will ask... Why is it that big? Easy:

20 frames * 6 sides = 120 frames
120 frames = 120 textures
1 texture = 512*512 pixels

Well, it's amazing that Flash can handle all this that well! :D

View PV3D Panorama Animated

PS: To the people that has post a comment recently, don't worry I didn't lost them, I'm just re-doing the comment-moderation system Sorry about that.

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My next Apple gadget...
And you may be saying... oh no! another guy talking about iPhone... no, not really.

I don't see why should I want it... iPhone is technically cool, but, that's it, it won't make my life easier, at least not mine.

But, on the keynote there was another gadget released which was much more useful, and will make my life easier. There is something I really hate and that is wires all over my flat and having to connect wires to the TV (in my case projector) to watch movies or listen music on the big speakers.

However... AppleTV is iTunes (aka pain in the ass) dependant, which is a bit of a problem. I wonder how hard would be doing a custom app for avoiding this ;)

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Back from holidays... where did the Winter go?
Must be that famous global warming because even the finnish people are complaining about this.

This christmas we went a couple of days to Spain (1 week in Valencia / 1 week in Barcelona more or less) and the first thing I realised was that the weather was really good. Even too good. Only the first days it was a bit cold, the others were even 18C during the day. Is this suposed to be normal? I remember some years ago having really cold christmas but Valencia and Barcelona were like on summer. A lot of people will like this but I would prefer having some cold weather once a year.

Anyways, the break is over, 2007 is starting and there is a lot of things to do. Keep working on xplsv.tv (which by the way, do you remember 2005 report? 2006 was the same ;)) After a long break without doing anything for xplsv.com vj-side I will be back giving some help to the crew content-wise. Also there is kind-of-personal new project that I'm not able to talk about yet, and some others that I even have NDA :S

So, busy busy year! I'll keep everyone informed! By now, have a nice and productive 2007 you all!

PS: Don't try to go inside a plane with a Bonsai, they won't let you go inside with it :( The present was very good tho! Hope someone takes care of it now :S

PV3D Panorama / 360 & How to create your own CubeMap textures with 3D Studio MAX
Longest post title in the blog for sure!

So, well.. this is a non-finished work (i'm looking to do something else with this) but I guess I got something interesting to show alredy...

Using Carlos' Panorama as base I've created my own one but also with my own scene and textures.

(It takes a while to load (600kb, 6 x 1024x124 textures there).

In a way, this is just a trick to have a scene of 186.122 polys, 20 lights, raytrace reflection and fog in realtime ;) Well, it's not, but you get it looks like. In a lot of games and demos they use this trick to simulate complex 3Dscenes when in fact they are rendering 6 textures to a cube and having the camera inside it.

So, if you were wondering about how to do this with your 3D scene, here it's a nice and simple how-to.

As some of you know already (and probably hate), I've used the Greeble to create the object (based on a tube). Then a couple of lights to the scene, created a material for the tunnel using raytrace for the Reflection and then adding the fog to the camera.

I'm not going to detail on all this, I would asume you know how to create 3dmodels and texture them... the point of the article if about how to get the 6 textures you need for doing the cube map of your scene.

So, after doing all this I end up with an scene like this:

At this point, what you have to do is create a box on the middle of the scene:

And then, create a new material. We only need to put a Reflect/Refract map on the Reflection slot for this new material.

Going inside the Reflect/Refract parameters we wil find everything that we need there. As you can see, 3D Studio MAX has a batch texture renderer in this section (kind of hidden). If you check the opfion "From file", then you will be able to specify where you want to save the textures and the prefix name (I've used frame01 as a prefix name). Then the last thing you need to do is after clicking on "Pick Object and Render Maps"... well, select the box, and it will generate all the maps for you.

And that's as simple as it's. This will generate these 6 images:
frame01_BK.png, frame01_DN.png, frame01_FR.png, frame01_LF.png, frame01_RT.png, frame01_UP.png (which are the Back, Down, Front, Left, Right, Up textures).

Now if you want to see how it looks, here you have the Source Code!
(this is just a small modification of Carlos original source code, so say thanks to him! :D Also, these sources doesn't include the PV3D AS3 classes)

You can also check out the .max file.

Enjoy! Doing 360 panoramic views with Flash hasn't ever been that easy! :)

PS: As a side note, one of the things I thought that wasn't doable with PV3D is in fact doable! Amazing!

What do you need for being a freelancer in UK?
A couple of (spanish) friends already asked me the same question, so I guess this information may be interesting.

Some of you probably already know that some months ago I left the "rat's race" and started my own business. By now I didn't do too much but I hope to go quite far with all this.

So, to be honest, it's really easy and cheap. I think in Spain you have to pay something like 300€ each month, in UK It's £2.10 (Class 2, National Insurance Contributions) a month. This depends of how much do you earn, but for the basic stuff that's what you will have to pay. Also if your income is higher than £61,000 a year then you should also charge VAT.

The only thing you have to do is call to the HM Revenue & Customs Self-Employed Help Line, from there you just have to let them know that you want to register as a self-employed, I think you need to have a National Insurance Number ready (as they will ask you for this), and also, you need to know the name you want to use (in my case Mr.doob ;) The process may take something like 10minutes, no more!

Here you'll find the number you need to call to and also A LOT of information/check lists and stuff.

Then, you'll have to wait meanwhile they setup everything and in a couple of weeks you'll receive the information you need. At the end of the day what you're after doing all this is for your TAX reference. So in each invoice you send to your clients you need to put your name and this TAX reference.

And that's it. Let's say that in a day of work you can earn at least £240, so having said that, I think paying £2.10 a week is really a good deal. Isn't it?

The only thing you need now is clients! :D

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