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xplsv selected for the intel demo competition


Now you know who will get the last position :P

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New PV3D Toys!!

Long time without doing any experiment with PV3D, right? Here we're back again... New experiment! with 4 variations.

*A webcam is needed this time


if you only see black and you have a webcam, right click anywhere in the flash, go to settings > webcam and make sure you are using there the correct one.

For the ones that doesn't have a webcam, here are some pics of what is all about (although a video would be better).

Thanks to Andreas Müller for the inspiration and to David Singleton for testing it.


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Using Windows+Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro
It feels like eating sushi with fork and knife... but that's my only option, I'm still married to 3D Studio MAX and the Demoscene.

In the other hand, it may feel weird, but man, it's FAST!!! I'm talking about Windows XP tho, I still don't see any reason to move to Windows Vista.

The only feature from the hardware that isn't using properly yet is the keyboard retro-illumination. Apart from that, the OS time of reaction to my actions it's much faster than with MacOS.

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Chris Cunningham feat. Star Wars

This is what I call a nice techno show :)

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PV3D Previewer v1.0
I really needed an 'app' or something to preview my files without having to compile all the time, and while I was using it I though someone else would find it interesting

A couple of people have done it before (john!), but I needed to do a custom one with specific working way...


So, if you need a previewer, feel free to use it :)

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210GB of bandwidth...
"This current month you seem to have used about 210 GiB of bandwidth (total of your sites). The site using the most bandwidth seems to be mrdoob.com. Note that your hosting plan only allows for 25 GiB monthly."

Oh well, not only I had to reinstall Windows on my mbp this weekend (seems that when you get a genuine copy of windows parallels and bootcamp don't share the same license and some programs don't work anymore...)... Now I have to get hosting somewhere else...

Dreamhost maybe?

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Be careful when Baking textures with MAX!
Because if you do it with an unsaved scene and you forgot to setup the UVmap you won't be able to cancel the process... the only solution will be to shutdown MAX, but, oh way, unsaved scene...

It's boring... why Autodesk why?!


This will take forever....

The worst thing is that the loading bar doesn't show the progress... it's empty...

... uhm... yeah, make sure this doesn't happen to you, ... befor render to texture always do a low quality one so you see everything is in place (i'm talking to myself right now...  I say that to me every time but I never do it... )...

Anyone wants an oreo? I got some spare... a gum maybe? oh, those new orbit packages are really cool, posh as a tobacco packet! it even have a metalic-ish stripe in between gums :)


I glad i have my tangle around :) Uhm... Thanks good I have those nice Alkama mixes that I can't tell you about ;) ... .... I better go have lunch while things nightmare ends...

Chicken Teriyaki
anyone? nobody? ok, more for me... laters!

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Apple to follow Sony strategies ;)
Their reasoning behind the shift was due to plans to continue to develop new software features and "entirely new applications" and incorporate them into the iPhone. "We want to provide many of these new features and applications at no additional charge to users."

Similarly, they stated that periodic updates and enhancements will be provided at no charge to Apple TV customers.

This sound like when Sony releases firmware updates for the PSP with new 'super cool' features so the people feel like updating the device. In the meantime, in each update they also try to patch the holes/hacks that the users find for running homebrew software or customise the device.

So, Apple: Yeah... right.... Hehehehe :)

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Pong reloaded: Plasma pong

This is the kind of games I like :)

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Discovering tweener...
Not so long ago (5 months) I still was doing the easeOut animations by hand.. you know, the usual formula:

myObject._x += (finalX - myObject._x) / 20;

One day, a guy in a chat told me about those Classes for doing all this. Then I discovered MCTween, and it was all great, but for some reason, I think because it's based on prototypes, I ended up using MosesSupposes Fuse Kit classes which are less intrusive.

Then I started to worry about the filesize of my files when using MosesSupposes' one. The filesize doesn't get to big, but I'm THAT picky :) Also, the classes hasn't been ported to ActionScript 3, so I started to hate them a bit.

And finally this weekend I found out that Zé Fernando was working on a reversion of his classes and he already did an AS3 version of them.

If you need a tween class, don't look any other, you only need Tweener! :D

Thanks Zé!

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