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New Kenta Cho game + Done with AS3 + Sources Avaliable = Happiness
I've always been a fan of Kenta Cho's "little" and abstract games. Specially Torus Trooper and Mu-cade ones. And what was my surprise when I saw that the new one has been done with Actionscript 3.

Least Best Room (How to play video)

And if that wasn't enough for you, the sources are also available (APE libs used for the physics).

Have fun!

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Flash player to support .h264
This means A LOT of good things and new possibilities. Specially for xplsv.tv as the fact that VP6 is really expensive was stopping us in some new features we were implementing.

Thanks god! You can't imagine how happy this move make us... thanks Adobe! Bye bye ON2!

Technical details here.

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Maxscript to AS3 Class (PV3D, Away3D & Sandy)
For a project I'm working on, I decided to try this 3dsMax exporter, mainly thinking in the filesize. Yeah, that's the most interesting thing on using the mesh data like this, if you export as .ASE the filesize of it will be quite huge with a lot of information that you don't need, then you need to include the classes for parsing the ASE data... The same applies to Collada. Just as an example, the same mesh takes 200kb in .ASE, and 130kb in .DAE. However, exporting the mesh to a class, including it in the code, and exporting the .swf , the mesh data ended up in 50kb (PV3D is more or less 30kb in the .swf, and my file was 80kb when compiled).

The only downside is that the data is inside the .swf, which isn't good if you have a lot of 3D data to load. In that case you may want to consider using the Fzip classes to compress the .DAE or .ASE, or maybe take a look at the .3DS parsing classes too.

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Right, I was happy to see the start of the movie and finally got a little bit of understanding about why the Christianism was like it is, with all those symbols (as I've been educated in a christian school). But seeing the rest of the video was too open eyer, and the fact that I can't see anybody really with the power of doing anything against it it's just annoying. Still, I think EVERYBODY should watch this video from start to end. However, if what the video says it's true, how come the video is still online and none of those powerful people didn't move any string? Ah, it just makes you feel like a sim in simcity anyway :/


How the Towers Fell
After seeing this video, I think, how much money would make you detonate 3 building full of people without doubting?

More inside details

UPDATE: And a bit more here

BTW: Think whatever you want :)

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Gobierno de España

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Adega Coop, Borba
Lodma contacted me some months ago looking for a light weight, multi-language web system done with simple and easy to understand (so, avoid classes) actionscript  for developing a website for Adega Coop. And after the usual fights between the coder and the designer we ended up with a system we were happy with.

So my part was done, and since then Lodma has been working on the design/content on the site, and dealing with the client... until today. This is the end result:


Ah.. a shame I didn't know SWFAddress back then! :(

Good work Paulo!

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Intel demo, log #7 - the results
We ended up last (as usual this year). But the really bad news are that the moral winner got 4th.

It's interesing (and probably coincidence) that the winner group is from .de too :)

So, as a my friend Ben would say... It's been real, it's been fun, but I hasn't been real fun ;)


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