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No 1k blobs :_(

Seems like there is no way to fit this one in 1,024bytes this time :( It won't go down from 1,300bytes.. Oh well, at least 100 "blobs" running at a decent speed makes me happy.


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What can you do in 1kbyte with AS3?
I was able to do this:

Well... it is, in fact, 1,013 bytes... so I still had 11bytes available.

And after doing it, I know a bit better how flash (and the compiler) works :)


UPDATE: I was wondering... if you like the challenge and you do some other effects (in 1,024 bytes), send the source to me, so I can prepare a special page to do a little gallery with them :)

UPDATE2: Seems like the effect doesn't work in the intel-mac version of the player :S I'll take a look at it asap.

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Sony Blu-ray: MMG Venue

Well, seems like after a couple of months, my first work done at Hi-Res! is finally up and running.

The MMG Venue was an extension for Sony's Blu-Ray site which  was already featuring the MoLR (Museum of Low Resolution). This second part of the site is mainly a video player, on the first scene you have to chose what are you looking for (music, videos or games), once selected you'll have a list of trailers to watch.

It was almost a solo project, as I worked on the 3D, illustration, animation and code. Regarding the code... there were some good ideas on it but in the end didn't look as I was expecting, mainly because the timeframe in this case was quite short :S

Anyway, we're working now on much nicer stuff which should be ready in some months.

Stay tuned ;)

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iPod Horror

Is it just me, or Apple products are everyday uglier and uglier? Starting with the iPhone, which I still don't like (the device design, the content seems alright), then the iMac and now this?

Yikes! Feels like somebody got fired.

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Be careful when using groups.google.com
Some weeks ago while I was taking a look at my contact list on pidgin, I found some people that I knew but that I never added to my list, neither the program prompted me asking if I wanted them to contact me. I checked their email and they were using @gmail accounts. I didn't gave more though to the issue at that point.

Today it happened again, and it just shows clear that whenever you join a group in groups.google.com seems like it automatically adds you as a contact to everyone on the list. I don't know if this is because pidgin doesn't handle very well this yet or because google doesn't care about privacy in that field. But it can get a bit annoying.

Luckily until now, I'm happy that I'm now in contact to all those new friends :D

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Depth of Field + Tweener fun
Woh! seems like the previous experiment made the FWA featured column :O That's nice :) I think it's the 2nd time one of my experiments were featured there.

So, I was just browsing FWA, and then I found this wallpaper done by Marcus Wallinder which looked really cool, so I got one of the chrome bubbles from there as a texture and tried it in the code, this is what I came with:

But then, I had the idea of testing with different object, and this is how it looked with a cube:

Then I tried with a sphere:

And finally with a tube:

So, for making something cooler this time, Tweener helped here to mix all the objects, so after 2 seconds it fades to another form.


Sources available:

Opera mini
I'm not really a fan of mobiles, but just installed on my mobile this little browser (90kb installer), and seemed a really nice browser for whenever you're far from computers.

They have a simulator on the site (which I guess it the same java applet that installs in your phone).

Or if you feel lazy, they also have a video.

Found at Richard Leggett's blog.

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Depth of Field with Papervision3D + Sources


Yep, depth of field. It's the effect we get with real life cameras where a Z range from the camera view gets focused and the rest gets blurred. I wanted to implement a little trick for achieving the effect with PV3D for a while, so, what can you do if you're sick and you can't sleep? :)

!!! Warning: The effect is done in a brute force !!! It generates 200 different images of the same bitmap and changing the planes textures based on the Z to the camera. If this needed to be used for a real website tricks for optimising the amount of images should be introduced.

Here it's another test with it:


And if that wasn't enough... another test ;)


Also, as usual, source files available:


Mr.doob to be acquired by Hi-ReS!
Well, not the brand (?), but the brain ;) I've been freelancing for them at their offices for a while now, so it was about time to join them.

Fun-cool projects, passionate-friendly-talented coworkers & realistic timeframes is all you need.

I'll keep updating all this tho, nothing changes, but If you want me to work on any big project contact Hi-ReS! instead ;)

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