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PS: Lots of thanks and hugs to Yingshun and her sis for the tips!

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Fancy an audio/terror game?
Turn up the volume (to the highest level you can tolerate), and lets see which level you reach:

r08028 - Tempo10 - Level 1.mp3
r08028 - Tempo10 - Level 2.mp3
r08028 - Tempo10 - Level 3.mp3
r08028 - Tempo10 - Level 4.mp3
r08028 - Tempo10 - Level 5.mp3

PS: You must be more or less as much bored as I was when I did this ;)
PS2: Where is the people that always looked for free internet tracks? Here you have 40minutes non stop!

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Ehrensenf Internet TV » Wegwerf-Website; tintenloser Stift; Röntgenfotos
No idea of what they say, but they show some of my flash experiments at the end of the video. I guess they just talk randomly about stuff they found while browsing on the internet.

Play play play

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Roxik version of the DOF experiment
Wow! man... that's wow!! You have to see this :)

The 2nd AS Japanese God, roxik, (the 1st is still yugop imho) did a reversion with his own engine of the DOF test. The difference is that he was able to draw 10x more sprites that on my tests.. I still have a test to do with a new experimental version of PV3D that maybe will allow to put that many sprites.

http://www.adobe.com/jp/events/ cs3_web_edition_tour/page6.html

Ah.. now I'm impressed that even he saw my little tests :$

Thanks to fazeaction for the tip :)

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Leave me alone, please.

No, Apple, I don't want to erase my data. I just wanted to copy some files from the shuffle to my computer..

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Jorge Fuentes. Portfolio.
Seem like Mr. Jorge Fuentes aka Zomb finished the v2 of his own portfolio. Seems to be a nice system done by Feiss and it has the always nice touch of Frem.

Enjoy the works
(or play with the piano otherwise ;))

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FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta3 + Flex2SDK, not finding your classpath?
I've tried everything...

Tools / Global Classpaths / AS3
Project properties / Classpath

and even adding this -source-path+= 'CLASSPATHGOESHERE'

Project properties / Compiler Options / Additinal Compiler Options

FlashDevelop was finding the class, but Flex2SDK wasn't when compiling. In the end I had to go to
C:\Program Files\Flex2SDK\frameworks\flex-config.xml

And change (and uncomment) this Node:


I believe it's just a bug from FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta3, hope they fix it soon, meanwhile, I hope this helps someone.

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Interactive Blobs

During the weekend I was playing with the blobs effect, trying to make it 1,024bytes with no luck at all. I even installed Flex2SDK to compile directly from FlashDevelop, but after fixing the code so the compiler was happy the filesize was 80bytes bigger than what flashIDE generates :_(

So, I lose the personal challenge and then started to play with the effect trying to do something cool with it, and after finding some other bugs on the player and finding a workaround for them.. here it's. It's 1'5kb, which isn't too bad anyway. I was calling the effect "Interactive blobs", but I believe the female community will rename it to "Oh shit! I got my period" :)

Anyway... sources here.

PS: Don't forget to click on the stage to make the particles go away :)

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Problems with Mac Book Pro & WPA?
Well, this thing keeps happening in this MacBook Pro. After installing the system updates, randomly the Wireless stops working. So, doesn't matter how many times you try to connect to the WPA wireless that it won't just connect. Doesn't matter either how you do it, which panel you go from or which option you click. I'm talking about MacOSX by the way.

So, the solution for me was interesting...

1) Go to your wireless router, get rid of the WPA, leave it without protection for some minutes.

2) Connect with your computer  to the unprotected wireless. You're allowed to scream "yeeey!" if it connects.

3) Then go back to the router config, set back the WPA password, and connect again. Again, you're allowed to scream "fuck yeah!!" if it works

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