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Can BitmapData.setPixel() fill your Browser at ~30fps?
Well, seems like it can!


This is something I was testing some weeks ago while on holidays. I was testing some tricks to improve the speed of flash raster methods. While at it, I played around with the usual XOR code a bit but I wasn't getting much (~20fps at 512x256).

Weeks later, while having a nice coding session with Texel I found Forrest Briggs post about this same topic, applied everything together, and there we go, 1024x1024 at ~38fps.

The source code is very simple but if you want to take a look... here you have.

So... in short, never forget the BitmapData.lock() and BitmapData.unlock() methods, it gave a ~7 > ~38 fps increase.

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Yet another 3D Clock (D///FEST holding page)
D///FEST holding snap

I've been meaning to try NullDesign's 3D Engine for a while now, as it seemed simple and I was also looking for a lightweight (less than 10k) 3D lib. Although I had to slightly change the code of the renderer for this experiment, the engine seemed very intuitive and fast. Keep it up Lars!! ;)

Regarding the experiment itself, D///FEST is an event I'm organising with a couple of friends focused to the realtime art, that is demoscene, flash, processing, vvvv, open frameworks... and well, anything realtime. We don't have all the info ready, so, by now I wanted to have a holding page with a countdown experiment. Ended up doing a super minimal countdown clock.

You can get the sources of the experiment from the experiment itself.

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How-to unlock your Vodafone UK mobile phone
I had to unlock my Sony Ericsson v630i recently because I needed to use a Spanish SIM and I didn't want to carry (care about) another phone.

On the net there are a lot of weird services where you send your IMEI and they give you the code to unblock it (NUC) for £60 or so. Same price they will charge on the streets.

Well, in the end, after googling a bit it was much more easier than that, and for free.

Just email them asking for your NUC code and they will give it to you the same day. This was the answer:

Good afternoon Ricardo,

Thanks for asking about the NUC for your pone.

I will assist you with the procedure ahead.

The NUC for your phone is ****************.

The procedure is given below:

1. Remove the Vodafone SIM from the handset. Replace the battery and switch on.
2. Move the jog dial left then press the * key twice and then move the jog dial left
3. Network appears on screen
4. Then select YES.
5. NCK will appear - key in NUC and Yes, phone should then be unlocked


Counldn't be easier. Seems like new vodafone uk contract phones are delievered open nowadays, so asking for the unlock code shouldn't be hard nowadays.

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escena.org DVD #1 / 2008 released (with sources)
This is something that kept me a little bit busy these past days.

Had to do some organising (specially for the Data track) and all the menu design + cover. Luckily, sole was there to do the rest :) The end result is quite good I think.

This is how the DVD menu looks like:

I even did some ascii art for the thing ;P

        ________ _______ _______ _______ ___ ___ _______
       /    ___/     __/     __/    ___/      /       /    
    __/    __//__     /     /_/    __//       /   /   /__     
   / /_______/_______/_______/_______/__\____/___/___/  / .
  /      ________ _______ _______                      / .
 . /    /       /       /   ____/  // DVD #1 / 2008     /
. /____/   /   /   /   /   /   /_______________________/
      /_______/____\___\______/   v1.1

So, feel free to download the DVD, burn it, print the covers and show it to all your friends ;) Here is the .torrent you need.

And for all those that always want the sources to be released, even if it may sound weird for a DVD, yeah, we've released the sources, but you'll need to read the making of first in order to understand how it works.

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New Neave.com
Mr. Paul Neave has a new showcase site, very well crafted and has a lot of new (and cool) stuff.

You... must... visit! ;)


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Speaking @ Pixel Attack (Valencia, Spain)
At least once a year I go out of my cave, admire the sun rays and, while I'm at it, I give a speech in some random location. Last year was at LFPUG.

This year will be at PIXEL ATTACK, where I'll be doing the usual, detailing a bit on projects I've been working on, showing some tricks here and there, and also showing some bits on the works.


I'll see you there! :)

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That's enough.
I keep getting distracted. I need to focus.

If in the future, you ask yourself what were the drops... somehow, these has been (I know, very random):


http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/digitalcontent/2008/01 /the_elevator_pitch_fwa_the_def.html


Zomb will be proud I think :P

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Roxik's The Eco Zoo
roxik the eco zoo

It's another oh-so-good project by the master. Kudos Roxik!

Reminds me to 1997's PC Demo: Eden / Bomb! which featured an amazing 3D world created by Made.

Woh!! Just realised that Zappy released the sources of this beauty o/

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FlexBuilder3 + Eclipse + Ubuntu = More AS3 Tests
So, finally found a decent setup for developing AS3 with Ubuntu, Flex Builder 3. It's not as good as FDT3, but it's enough to keep going.

Here are some stuff I've been working on since setting everything up... expodoob performance test (I'll give some detail about this project soon), bump test 1, bump test 2.

Many thanks to Thierry Nicola for pointing me on the right direction with his post.

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Inspire08 demo log, day 36
-8 days left until Inspire08
Back to the system code

Well, so, here it's a preview with some text on the top finally. I guess I have align left and center at least. Need to sort out the Font class so the Font it's only the definition of the chars and a class Text is the one that draws and that can load different Fonts.. tho I just need one, but you know, scalability.

Hope it doesn't lose sync (I'm back to the currentTimeMillis method):

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