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Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Account Services.
What happens if you're one of those people that don't like to submit the right birth date to internet services and you forgot your password?

In 99% of the internet services out there that won't be a problem as long as you have access to the associated email address. But the clever guys at Yahoo! needed to be the 1%.

On the appropriated form I wrote this to them:

I can't use the "Forgot your Password" feature on the site because I don't remember birthdate/country/postcode. It's very possible that I didn't submitted the real ones. Would it be possible to just get sent the password or a new password to whichever email address is associated with the ****** account. I'm sure I got access to whichever email account it's.

And this is their answer:

Hello Ricardo,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Account Services.

I understand that you would like to reset the password of your Yahoo! account. I'll certainly help you with that.

We have reviewed the verification information that you have provided. However, we were unable to match the date of birth that you provided with the information that was entered during registration or when this account was last updated. To protect the security and privacy of all accounts, we are unable to provide login or other account assistance without completely verifying the account.

Please resubmit your request, and remember to match the information as it was entered when you originally established your account, or when you most recently updated your information. We look forward to assisting you with this account once the appropriate verification information has been received.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Account Services.



Yahoo! Account Services Customer Care

Which makes me wonder if Ricky is a robot or they just don't know how to read yet. Otherwise, if internet stuff was unnecessary complex already (captchas and co.), they even needed to make it more complex, oh no.. I mean, more secure xD.

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Definition of FAIL
expired domain

If you don't get it... smile, you're not an addict :D

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Ronny Pries live @ Alpha Box Jan'08
Part 1, Part 2

01 Jichael Mackson - The Grass Is Always Greener
02 Skoozbot - A Fistful Of Duckets
03 XDB - Descap Live
04 Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n
05 Dimi Angélis & Jeroen - Lunar
06 Mark Broom - Taken
07 rktic - Orbicle
08 Ben Klock - Similarity
09 Minilogue - Star Command
10 Echospace - Obmx (cv313 Reduction)
11 CV313 - Galaxy313
12 Wishmountain - Radio
13 Andy Stott - Hostile
14 Johannes Heil - 20.000 Leagues Under The Skin Pt. 12
15 Duoteque - Logo
16 Slam - Azure (Radio Slave Remix)
17 Kevin Saunderson - Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix #07)
18 Billy Dalessandro - Blackjack
19 Ronny Pries - Surpries
20 Stereo Jack - Different Aproach
21 Jackmate - Jackmoves
22 Näköradiomies - Viritys
23 Stefan Tretau - Leere Welten
24 Christian Smith and John Selway - Silver Bullet
25 Marco Carola - Dancing Days

25 Marco Carola - Dancing Days
26 Savas & Remute - Lies (Luke Slater RMX)
27 Stereo Jack - Shortly Before
28 cv313 - Saraya
29 Tony Rohr & Dietrich Schoenemann - Repeat
30 Brian Aneurysm - The End Of Logic (Kai Randy Michel Remix)
31 Hiroshi Oki - Amaterasu
32 Hertz - Destined
33 Plan Tec - Espias Psiquicios (Jonas Kopp Remix)
34 Nicole - A Small Entrance to a large Spectrum
35 Tapwatr - Dirty Things
36 October Rust - Breitseite
37 Tony Rohr - Kaiserpower
38 Sutekh - Unstern
39 Cirez D - Tigerstyle
40 Losoul - Brain Of Glass (Alter Ego Remix)
41 Cari Lekebush - Freak the funk
42 Einmusik - Jittery Heritage
43 Swayzak - By the rub of Love
44 Alic - Icedive
45 Rok - Cycle sluts
46 Adam Beyer - Swedish Silver (Joey Beltram Remix)
47 Quenum - Secret Soul (Tractile Remix)
48 Jussi Pekka - Federal Escape
49 Nick Zero - Venus
50 Minilogue - Inca


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So, I was really looking forward to watch this movie, saw very good reviews in all the media. So we went yesterday evening and well, I personally was a bit disappointed.

Having to watch all the silly bbc advertising for kids before the movie had to be a punishment for something I must have done wrong, not sure what, but it sure felt like. Which, it's not like we went at the 11am session, that was 8pm already. But you know, that was a movie for kids, so ADs for kids, that's how advanced the technology is on that field :)

After all the rubbish we finally saw the traditional before-the-movie short, this time Presto, which was nice, but too childish I think. I guess i was pretty influenced by being around a lot of kids laughing about things that weren't that funny, and the worst thing is that there were some adult laughing harder at those things.

And then, the movie, which I think had a very fast rhythm, and the actions were happening in a weird way. If you have seen Idiocracy, you're going to see basically the same story again, but I think Idiocracy was funnier and better story. Having Apple "jokes" was kind of annoying too. Well, 8.8/10 say in imdb. I don't think I'll watch the movie again so, 5/10 for me.

I hope The Dark Night is really as good as they say, otherwise I'll stop listening ;D

Oh, before I forget, on the credits they have a pixelated animation which also felt very cheap, not cute at all, I guess I've been playing too much to Cave Story ;)

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Where do we get the time from?

Found an interesting video ob Bit-101 blog. As I also get that question many times. Well... as Keith said, here's the answer :)

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And now... can flash render a 320k+ voxels head?
Again, it can, and damn fast. Well, if it runs fast is all thanks to Román Cortés. which has done a magnificent job optimising the experiment.

If you want to know a little bit more about the details check Román's post.

Seems like using voxels is the best way to have highly detail 3D meshes rendered with Flash these days, although it also has it's limitations...

Ah!! Sources are available this time. (This time it's quite hard to understand tho ;P).

Pixel Attack 08 - 3D Slides

So, as posted, I was invited to do a speech at this year's pixel attack.

As the topic of my speech was mainly 3D works (with some exceptions) I've been working on during this year I though would be a good idea to do the slides in 3D and get some anaglyphic glasses for the audience. I found a shop with very good prices and in a week that problem was sorted.

This year's presentation system was a was a bit more complex than the one used at LFPUG :)

Keyboard left-right: Prev / Next slide
Mouse left-right: Move camera left-right.
Mouse up-down: Move camera up-down.
Mouse wheel: Move camera forward-backwards.

So, the thing seemed to work pretty well, and the organisers did a great job making sure everyone could enjoy the effect moving tv signals around and giving glasses to everyone.

Some more (clickable) screengrabs :D

Unfortunately I ran out of time (better to run out of time than out of content tho) and I wasn't able to show the last slide. So here are some links to some of the experiments I wasn't able to show:

First a performance test of a 3D engine I was working on. In this test there are about 1000 balls with the depth of field effect. When I did the effect with Papervision3D long time ago I was able to put 200, although I'm sure it can be pretty much optimised too.

And then, something I wanted to try for a while. Andre Stubbe used to have a background on his site which looked similar to this. I though it was a render, but apparently was also real time (with Java). However, he sent me the sprite so I could try to achieve the same effect with flash.

And that's about it, many thanks to the organisers once again for doing a great job and keeping everyone happy, and hope they keep the vibe one more year! Which by the way, extra kudos for them as they probed that you don't need £500 tickets for doing these kind of events (the entrance was free).

On the pic (in a random order :D): Maria, Dave, Javier, Sole, Yingshun and myself

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My take on the RA DIOHEA_D / HOU SE OF_C ARDS thing
I'm sure you have heard of that radiohead's opensource music video by now, and if you consider yourself a proper geek you have also played around with the data. At first I wasn't too motivated on doing anything on it, but as I was playing around with voxels I wondered how would the data look like, so yeah, another geek for the bag.

Displaying the first frame was more or less easy, the biggest job on this is optimising the data to something easier to handle online. Each frame in the original data is 400kb, so I was quite happy when I managed to get it down to 30kb myself. Add it the 9kb of my (in the works) 3d engine, and you got a 39kb .swf:

Mouse left-right: Move camera left-right.
Mouse up-down: Move camera up-down.
Mouse wheel: Move camera forward-backwards.
(MaOS users: key up/key down)

Reducing the data in this case was basically converting all the float values to integers, and then just saving the deltas instead of the real values. This is, if you have (80,80,80), and the next points are (81,81,81), you only save the difference (1,1,1), that would then compress very well, specially because you will end up with a lot of 0s and 1s. Actually, if the value was 0, I would just delete it so I would save (2,,1). The code you need for reconstructing the data is very tiny so it's really worth the work :) Then I saved the whole thing as a string, and added in the actionscript code, flex did the rest when (zip) compressing the final .swf.

Having this done, I showed to some friends, and they were all asking "Doesn't it move?". Oh well... time for a long night ;) After a couple of tests and learning to use byteArrays and stuff like that I managed to have 1000 frames in 40Mb (zipped). Which is 10% of the original. At first I had them at 33Mb (in ASCII), but the process of reconstructing the data was too hard/slow for actionscript and also for the user's memory (1GB+), so the 40Mb option was the best. I'm sure Iq would've been able to reduce the 2000 frames to 5Mb, but well. (Kudos to him for sharing all these compressing tricks btw :D)

This is what I got in the end:

Same controls as before, but with an extra of patience :P

I also used in the experiment Fzip which did a great job.

I'm not sharing the sources on this one because I'm still working on that 3d engine and I'm still moving things around, but I should be able to release it (and many other tests) in a few weeks (yeah, I know I always say that). However, I can share the php script I did for parsing the frames.

EDIT: Wow, Aaron (the guy that did the original flash visualiser) wrote me asking if I was using shorts (numbers), and I wasn't, because I didn't know there was something smaller than Ints :$. So I've just changed the script to save the info using shorts and the zip now is 33Mb, so 7Mb reduction there :D I've also fixed a bug that sole spotted on the animator.

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Story of Stuff
You may have seen this already, or maybe not. If you haven't, watch it.

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FabricLive 40 DJ Noisia
Amazingly good. Square waves won't ever be the same...


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