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The video for the talk I did last November in Manila about frame.js has just been published.

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Real-time Rendering
Almost forgot about this one. I feel like maybe I'm repeating myself too much on these interviews...


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And yet another interview... this one is in spanish though.

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WebGL Podcast - Episode 3
Got interviewed on the 3rd episode of the WebGL Podcast.

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Time to build tools.
And here's a talk I did one month later at dotJS.

For this one I only had 20 minutes and I had to be sharp. So rehearsing was required again.

Oh, and no... that's not my laptop. Not really a fan of stickers on laptops :P

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What's next for three.js?
Here's a quick talk I did some months ago with Branislav at JSConf EU.

This was the first time I rehearsed a talk. Not sure if that makes things better or worse.

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Making of ROME
This time around, the now traditional making of blog post is a video instead..

I didn't go much into detail but hopefully there are some interesting bits:

Thanks to Mozilla for sponsoring!

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Clean up
Don't include in your portfolio projects you wouldn't enjoy doing again.

That's something I learnt right when I started mrdoob.com. The aim there was just to share some experimentation and have fun, wasn't meant to be my portfolio but people started contacting me proposing interesting projects. At that point I took down my old (and boring) portfolio here and kept doing experiments over there.

So now it's time to apply that again... At this point I've no interest on doing Flash projects any more, hence I've removed all the Flash projects and experiments (files are still there, just not linked).

GLSL Sandbox
One of the things WebGL will bring us is Fragment Shaders. If you're familiar with Pixel Bender you know how Fragment Shaders work.

Although they usually go with Vertex Shaders, you can set it up for doing just 2D effects with it. Iq did exactly this some months ago with Shader Toy — a browser based Fragment Shader editor.

This week I started experimenting with this. First thing I needed to do was a sandbox with the basic WebGL initialisation code. With that done is just a matter of testing values and refreshing the browser. I tried to have a compile button right in the page so I wouldn't even need to refresh the browser but it was over complicating the code...

These are the tests I've done so far:

Next thing on the list is to implement render to texture so I can use the output of the fragment shader as input. That'll allow crazy feedback effects and even crazier drawing tools!

Feel free to use the sandbox code for your own experimentation.

Seems like WebGL is about to land. Chrome 9 beta, Firefox 4 beta 8 and Safari Nighly Build have it enabled by default already. It's just a matter of weeks for the final versions to be released.

I think we're going to face a funny situation... For web developers OpenGL may be a bit intimidating — at least it was for me! For game developers it's piece of cake, but because some features have been disabled some of them feel like a step back in their careers. So it's an area where there won't be so many people for a while.

You may know that, for the last few months, I've been busy developing a library that aims to make this as painless and fun as possible. Hopefully there will be more libraries like this in the near future.

If you're a web developer I would suggest you to start tinkering with all this. I have the feeling things are going to move quite fast as soon as it lands. Won't be long until Mobile Safari — iOS and Android browser — also enables this.

Exciting times! :)

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